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Welcome to! Your first step in finding free, unbiased, non-commercial information about malpractice lawsuits.

A malpractice lawsuit could mean many things. Whether you were wrongly advised by a professional, such as an accountant or an attorney, or were the victim of medical negligence, the information you will find on this website should help you understand more about the legal process of filing a malpractice lawsuit. Click here to learn about the different types.

We also have contact information for several Medical Malpractice Attorneys  if you are interested in locating one in your state. Although some of these malpractice attorneys have been kind enough to look over our site in exchange for being included in the directory, we do not pretend to dispense legal advice, and the content on this website is not to be used as legal council.

Please contact a qualified attorney for your legal needs.

In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about medical, legal and professional malpractice, negligence and fraud. When you put your trust in a person of authority or an ‘expert’ you deserve a certain level and quality of treatment. Whether from an accountant or a doctor, negligence and fraud should not be tolerated. If you are victim of malpractice of any kind, you may have a lawsuit case.